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Ministers were warned of toxic diesel in 1993

SCIENTISTS warned British ministers 22 years ago their planned “dash for diesel” could cause a public health disaster, but were ignored because the then government believed climate change was more important, documents released under freedom of information rules have revealed. About 50,000 people die annually because of air pollution, yet many deaths might have been prevented had ministers heeded a 1993 report handed to the then environment secretary, John Gummer — now Lord Deben — warning that any increase in diesel could have just such a consequence.
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Group facing ban ‘shares Isis aims’

AN ISLAMIST group that recruits in Britain despite repeated threats to ban it shares the same ideological objectives as the murderous jihadist group Isis, according to a report by an anti-extremism think tank. Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), or Liberation party, aspires to establish an “expansionist Islamic state” much like Isis or al-Qaeda, says the report by the Quilliam Foundation.
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Life on Barton Street

Krishnaventhan Thiyagarajah sighs quietly, grimacing as he recalls a striking incident that took place some months ago.
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More than 500 bed days a week lost due to norovirus outbreaks in Gloucestershire hospitals

HOSPITALS in Gloucestershire lost an average of more than 500 bed days a week to norovirus since last November, new figures reveal. A BBC Freedom of Information request shows that Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust lost an average of 527 beds a week in comparison to an average of 28.6 for hospital trusts across England.
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Students hit out at Edinburgh ‘gagging clause’

STUDENT leaders at one of the country’s leading universities were forced to sign a contract agreeing not to criticise the institution without giving management prior notice.
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In Conversation: An interview with Ann Widdecombe

Speaking before an event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Ann Widdecombe comes across as somewhat diminutive and rather charming, holding herself with the dignity of a gentle grandmother. But appearing on the likes of Have I Got News For You , the former Conservative MP strikes an outspoken, bosomy figure; a strident voice of the right, whose idiosyncrasies have garnered admiration and exasperation in varying degrees.
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Student injured in chemical incident

A student was rushed to hospital this morning, following a chemical incident at the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings campus. Twenty firefighters and seven appliances were called out to a second-floor laboratory in Mayfield Road at 11:30. The male student, who has not been named, poured benzyl bromide into a beaker containing moisture, causing a violent reaction that splashed the chemical in his face.
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Jeremy Bowen in Syria warning at book festival

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen has said the West is “walking on thin ice” when it comes to democracy in the Middle East at the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday.
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UAF outnumbers SDL in Edinburgh protests

Members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and Unite Against Facism (UAF) campaigners have staged rival protests outside the Scottish Parliament. With the city centre packed with thousands of festival-goers, hundreds of police officers were deployed along the historic street to monitor the demonstrations after City of Edinburgh Council's regulatory committee demanded assurances regarding policing.

Royal Mile closed by police » The Journal

Man armed with 'bladed weapon' leads to major incident as armed police respond to hostage situation in Edinburgh. An armed man took hostage six staff and customers at a pharmacy on the Royal Mile this evening. The incident, which began at around 6pm at the Royal Mile Pharmacy, escalated following attempts by the police to negotiate with the aggressor, believed to be around 30 years of age.
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UKIP disruption in Edinburgh city centre » The Journal

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was forced to abandon a press conference this afternoon at a pub on Edinburgh's High Street. The event which took place at 16:45 in the Canon's Gait was attended by around 50 vocal protesters with a number of student activists, including members of NUS Scotland's executive committee, leading the protests.
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Interview: Lessons from Mr Bissett » The Journal

Alan Bissett bounds up to the National Library of Scotland, sparkly purple scarf around his neck, bright blue suitcase in hand. His easy-going amicability seems a long way from the character of Moira, the feisty working-class protagonist of his most well known piece for stage The Moira Monologues.
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John Hewitt Jones

I'm a freelance journalist living in London, where I'm currently studying for an MSc in social policy at the London School of Economics.

I've worked for The Scotsman, The Sunday Times and leading arts magazine Fest. My specialisms include local news, higher education policy and classical music.

In 2014 I received NUS Scotland's Student Journalist of the Year award for an investigation into the gagging of student sabbatical officers at the University of Edinburgh.



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